Decentralized Capital NFT

We are bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. 

Lunar Flare will provide their due diligence in Real Estate, Minerals & Royalties, Beverage Distribution, Mining, and Financial Services.

Lunar Flare will launch a series of NFTs, unlike anything the space has seen before.  We call these Decentralized Capital NFT (DCNFT). Each individual investment pool will have its own DCNFT collection.

Each DCNFT represents a stake in the percentage of the rewards pool that will be provided back to the holder in $LFG each rewards period. Other benefits of the DCNFTs could include, but are not limited to, real-world discounts, event passes for any external liquidity partner, and whitelist passes to future DCNFT launches.


Due to the nature of this venture, Lunar Flare Group has formed an LLC that will be registered as a security. This company will proxy outside investments and inject liquidity back into the LFG ecosystem which will be claimable by the holders of the DCNFT. 

Investment Sectors

Creating Value, Unlocking Potential