Wen Marketing?

Instagram and Tik-tok sensation hard rock nick get behind #Flarenation

Lunar Flare advertising is seen on poocoin.app!

#FlareNation members screenshot Lunar Flare ads on poocoin.app will there be more marketing soon?


Youtuber DefiDude covers Lunar Flare on his channel.

Lunar Flare is the revolution in hyper deflationary DEFI protocols set to launch its ICO on the BSC network:
A futuristic AI driven protocol is set to go farther than any protocol has gone before.

Read more: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/lunar-flare-is-the-revolution-in-hyper-deflationary-defi-protocols-set-to-launch-its-ico-on-the-bsc-network-a-futuristic-ai-driven-protocol-is-set-to-go-farther-than-any-protocol-has-gone-before#ixzz7VBQiENL8